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More about olive oil in skin care

Olive oil has many uses. It is the main oil in the Mediterranean diet, due to its nutritional properties and now many other countries are including olive oil in their daily diets.

Due to its antioxidant benefits, is being incorporated in cosmetics as a skin care ingredient to enrich beauty products. Olive oil has been used since old times. It was discovered more than five thousand years ago by the Egyptians, who used it for body and hair massage. Other cultures such as the Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans also discovered the beneficial properties of olive oil.

The Romans and the Arabs extended and popularized its use by making soaps, perfumes and moisturises from olive oil to keep athlete's skin protected. Olive oil is composed of essential fats and has many uses as a natural medicine. Extra Virgin olive oil is rich in oleic acid. Is a great antioxidant with vitamin E, Poliphenols and Flavonoids.

When shopping for olive oil, always choose " extra virgin " ~ Why? Because it hasn't been refined and conserves all its nutritional values.

Some good reasons to choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil for skin care
  • 1- Because is an antioxidant Extra Virgin olive oil helps to protect the skin from the harmful action of free radicals, delaying aging skin.
  • 2- use as a moisturiser to maintain elasticity, keep skin hydrated, smooth and promote younger looking skin.
  • 3- As a tonic for the hair, Extra Virgin olive oil adds shine and strengthens hair. While maintaining the natural oils in the hair.
  • 4- Excellent for dry hands. Helps to cleanse and soften hard working hands. Reduces age spots on back of hands
  • 5- Extra Virgin olive Oil is also beneficial for strengthening the nails. Rub into cuticles
  • 6- If your mascara is dry add one or two drops of Extra Virgin olive oil.
  • 7- Add Extra Virgin olive oil to the bath or use as a massage for a truly luxurious feel

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