About our Olives

Olive trees are evergreens and can live to massive ages, with some in Crete claimed to be over 2,000 years old, This has been determined on the basis of tree ring analysis. Another Olive tree, on the island Brioni in Crotia, has been calculated to be about 1,600 years old. It still gives heaps of fruit (around 30 kg per year) which is pressed and made into top quality olive oil. The olive tree grows very slowly, but over many years, it's twisted and gnarled trunk can grow to a huge diameter. One tree has been recorded as exceeding 10 metres around the trunk!

Did you know - a green olive is an unripe olive and a black olive is a ripe olive?

Maclyn Grove pickles both green and black table olives grown in the south west of Western Australia.

Our table olives are carefully hand picked from tress that are spray free and then pickled the natural way, with no heat or chemicals.

The curing process is long and slow, sometimes taking up to a year before being ready for the table. This is called natural fermentation.

We believe that olives taste better and have more character when the stone is left in, so we do not have olives that are mechanically pitted.

Olives are an essential part of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

Our green olives - we like to call them - Green Gems - are plump and full of flesh. Our green olives are produced using a unique process in which the natural olive bitterness is removed and the natural bright green colour is retained. This results in a crisp delicately flavoured olive. Maclyn Grove green olives are specially selected and harvested by hand for premium quality and flavour.

Our black olives - Black Jewels - are handpicked at the optimum time to retain all of their natural flavours.

Unlike many of the dark olives from overseas, which have been artificially blackened through harsh chemical treatments, our olives are tree ripened and naturally fermented in brine only. This process produces tasty and crisp olives, which are an ideal table or bar snack.

Mixed Olives - black & green - are a special selection that combines Picual, Nevadillo Blanco, Manzanilla, Ripe Kalamata and Jumbo Kalamata for the full multi flavoured olive experience. This combination has been chosen for the individual flavours and the exceptional visual table olive appearance.

The olives are naturally fermented in brine with no chemicals used in the process.