Frequently Asked Questions about our products...

Q: Why do your soaps seem to last for ages, why is this?
A: Because they are made with 100% olive oil which produces long lasting soaps.

Q What size are the bars?
A: approx.. 55mm x 70mm x 30mm

Q: What is the weight of the bars?
A: approx 130g

Q: Are the soaps suitable for males and females?
A: our soaps are suitable for everyone - even babies

Q: Do any of them have antibacterial properties?
A: Many have anti bacterial properties. Essential oils like Rosemary, Sandalwood, Peppermint, - just to name a few, are antibacterial.

Q: Why is it called 'tip to toe? Is it for 'all' over the body?
A: We call our liquid wash Tip to Toe, because that is exactly how it can be used - all over - from Tip to Toe - even on the hair and scalp.

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