Olive Oil Products

We all know there is good wine and there is varying degrees of bad wine

The same is true for olive oil, but many of us don't know the difference or think to taste olive oil the way we taste wine.

Australian supermarket shelves are full of imported mostly inferior olive oils labeled as "extra virgin olive oil" - Our Government is not doing a lot to address this, so let me see if I can give some idea of what you should expect in a best quality extra virgin olive oil. Growers of Australian olives are passionate people and take the same careful approach to growing and harvesting olives to produce extra virgin olive oils as the Australian wine makers do with grapes. Extra Virgin Olive Oil should have a fresh aroma with hints of floral, green apple, tomato or even green cut grass.

It should also have a hint of pungency and bitterness on the palate. Some extra virgin olive oils can be quite delicate in these characteristics while others will be seriously robust. Whether your taste is in delicate or robust, fresh olive oil will never smell or taste like 'oil'. You should experience a clean and pleasant taste on the palate When purchasing olive oil look for a harvest date, this will be your guide to fresh oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a shelf life of around 18 months after harvest - depending how it is stored. Always store your oil in a dark cool place. When cooking with extra virgin olive oil start with a cold pan and warm the pan and the oil up together. This will minimise the risk of burning the oil and keep the fresh flavours in your dish. Use fresh extra virgin olive oil every day for it health benefits and it ability to enhance whatever it is you cook.

Once you have used fresh extra virgin olive oil you will not use anything else Enjoy !!!!

Olive Oil Skincare Products

Olive oil is used all over the world these days and has become very popular because of the enormous versatility of uses.

Olive oil is a wonderful moisturiser. Unlike chemically enhanced lotions and moisturises, olive oil coats the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Olive oil is easily absorbed making skin feel smooth and supple.

Olive oil does not have any known allergens , which makes it suitable for use on all skin types - even the extremely sensitive kind

Olive oil is rich in anti oxidants and many essential vitamins including Vitamin E which nourishes the skin and it is highly recommended for dry, cracked and damaged skin Olive Oil can be used as a carrier for other oils as it aids in absorption into the skin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest quality oil to buy , It is usually darker in colour and contains the best and richest ingredients for healing and moisturising Every one can benefit from this amazing oil. Use it whenever your skin needs extra attention.

Include extra virgin olive oil into your diet regularly, use it on salads to make your food more delicious and provide your body with essential vitamins that are vital for achieving a healthy, radiant skin and for the proper functioning of the inner organs as well.