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    So how can you tell synthetic soap from real soap?
    More about olive oil in skin care
    We often receive inquiries from individuals concerned about whether we use palm oil in any of our products.

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    Natural All Over Body
    Wash & Shampoo

    Do you prefer natural beauty products without harsh chemicals, ones made with wholesome ingredients found
    in nature? If so, you should
    try a sulphate free shampoo
    like our 100% Natural Olive
    Oil Shampoo.

    Our liquid Tip to Toe range
    uses only the finest natural ingredients available for
    healing & cleansing even
    the most sensitive skin.

    It leaves your skin feeling refreshed & smooth all over. Created as a total all over wash - even for hair as an everyday shampoo. Your hair will feel
    and smell clean, look shiny
    and be thicker too.

    Total Body Natural Skincare

    It is no secret that wear and tear to the skin is often primarily attributed to the free radicals and harsh conditions
    of the sun and pollution
    present in the environment.

    Over time this daily exposure
    is greatly damaging to the skin cells, and is the primary cause of premature signs of "aging"

    Our moisturising lotions are thick, luscious & creamy with only natures best ingredients
    to keep skin looking younger by rejuvenating and hydrating all skin types. There is something for every skin type in the range, from normal skin to extremely dry skin.

    People who suffer from skin disorders such as Psoriosis & Dermatitis will also benefit from our natural olive oil skin care, made with the best extra virgin olive oil we can source.

    Leaves skin skin feeling silky soft and deliciously smooth.

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