Olive oil soaps


So how can you tell synthetic soap from real soap?
More about olive oil in skin care
We often receive inquiries from individuals concerned about whether we use palm oil in any of our products.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soaps

Only Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used in our handmade naturally luxurious soap bars. This means the soaps are very suitable for sensitive, dry or damaged skin.

The ingredients in our natural soaps are selected for their benefits to the skin as well
as the aromatherapy benefits impacting emotional and physical well being.

Our olive oil soaps contain NO synthetics, No Parabens, NO SLS and NO petrochemicals! .. and are made from only Australian grown spray free olives.

Handmade Olive Oil Soaps:
All our soaps are handmade using only naturals products. After they are removed from their molds, they are stored in a special room for over 2 months, where they naturally harden, (just like cheese!) so they will last you longer!

We only use traditional methods to create long lasting our extra virgin olive soaps. Our formula is unique and we only use a cold soap making process. This way, our soaps retain all their natural glycerine.

Suitable for skin of all ages.

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Olive Oil Soaps:

Short 1 minute video showing some of our hand made range of olive oil soaps.


Cinnamon Spice olive oil soap

Cinnamon Spice


Energise Me olive oil soap

Energise Me


Lemongrass olive oil soap



Oatmeal olive oil soap



Rejuvamint olive oil soap



Stress relief olive oil soap

Stress Relief


Winter Sun olive oil soap

Winter Sun


Big Bloke olive oil soap

Big Blokes


Gardeners Friend olive oil soap

Gardeners' Friend


Great Outdoors olive oil soap

Great Outdoors


Lemon Splash olive oil soap

Lemon Splash


Peppermint olive oil soap



Sandalwood Forrest olive oil soap

Sandalwood Forest


Sweet Earth olive oil soap

Sweet Earth


Zits Off olive oil soap

Zits Off


Salt Soap olive oil soap

S**t Soap


Itch Soother olive oil soap

Itch Soother


Lavender Fields olive oil soap

Lavender Fields


Moisture Burst olive oil soap

Moisture Burst


Prairie Rose olive oil soap

Prairie Rose


Scents of the Sea olive oil soap

Scents O' the Sea


Vanilla Zing olive oil soap

Vanilla Zing


Bubs Own olive oil soap

Bubs Own